Miniature current transformers

June 09 , 2020

Miniature current transformers are divided into miniature current transformers (including miniature current transformers) and miniature voltage transformers. It is a device in the power industry and is generally used in various power instruments for measurement and protection.

Compared with ordinary transformers, micro-transformers have a smaller size (the size of fingernails can be achieved) and higher accuracy (common transformers have four accuracy levels of 0.5, 0.5S, 0.2, and 0.2S, and micro-transformers can reach 0.1 Level) and other characteristics.

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Miniature voltage transformer is a current-type voltage transformer, the primary resistance is connected in series through the circuit,

Secondary parallel resistance. The voltage is converted into current, and after the current transformer is transformed, the primary output current signal is converted to the required voltage through the sampling resistor. Most of the miniature voltage transformers are used in circuit boards.

Miniature current transformer (including miniature current transformer) without resistance on the primary side, ordinary miniature current

The transformer is a transformer with parallel resistance on the secondary side, and the output is current. The miniature current transformer in the miniature current transformer is a parallel resistance on the secondary side, and the output is a voltage. Miniature current transformers are divided into multi-turn winding type (inserted on the circuit board) and through-core type.

Miniature current transformers

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