Choose a good DC immunity current transformer cores

June 09 , 2020
DC immunity current transformer

Electronic electricity meter

Product Features

1 S type closed-loop magnetic circuit: low sensitivity to interference sources, usually no shielding requirements.

2 Working principle of electromagnetic conversion, no semiconductor device: High reliability, only few additional circuits are needed

3 Simple assembly with only a few components: low assembly cost, compact design, competitive price

4 Very small amplitude error, very small and easily compensated phase error

5 Low temperature dependence

6 No air gap and can resist standard DC component

7 Negligible small amplitude deviation

8 Extremely linear phase error, easy to compensate

9 Extremely low temperature dependence

ZTC DC Immune current transformers are used above specification features cores to ensure our DC immunity current transformer have high quality and steady performance.

ZTC DC Immune current transformers

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