How to choose split core current transformer correctly?

December 17 , 2020

Current transformers can be divided into high voltage and low voltage, which are mainly distinguished by the highest voltage of the equipment. Generally, 10KV or more is high voltage, 10KV is medium voltage, and 1kv and below are low voltage.

Split core current transformer is mainly used in low voltage, because SCT must be opened and closed, which makes SCT unable to carry out effective sealing and insulation, so it is generally used in low-voltage power distribution cabinets or low-voltage overhead lines. Of course, there are special cases. If the carrier of the primary current is a cable structure, and the cable has sufficient insulation, then SCT can also be used at 10KV. Since the opening and closing part of the SCT is very close to a bare busbar, that is, there is no effective isolation, and there is no sufficient safety distance, then there is no effective insulation, so generally the SCT installed on the busbar can only be used for low voltage.

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