How to help client with high tariff in US

How to help client with high tariff in US

Feb 20, 2020
We have a issue in Dec. 2018.
A client from US complained with us with high tariff 25% in Aug. 2018.
We knew that there will be 10% and 25% in some items when you import goods from China to US before President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinaping met in Buenos Aires on Dec. 1.2018.
We have a request from our client that they want us to cut down the price with 20%~25% importing tariff in the end of Apr. 2019.

First step, check the web for importing tariff and get the suitable HS code for clearance.

For example, we recommend client with this HS code 8515.39.0020 with tax 1.6% instead of 25% .
Second step, ask client to verify it with their custom or try a small order if possible.
Don't know your suitable HS code, click the guide or send me message if you need help.

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