Strong smart grid, Ubiquitous Electric Internet of Things

August 06 , 2020

As the country continues to upgrade the power system, the State Grid has also comprehensively promoted the strategic deployment of "three types and two networks", especially the construction and operation of the "two networks (strong smart grid, Ubiquitous Electric Internet of Things", Create a new situation for a world-class energy Internet company.

We also based on our own actual situation and the call of how to connect to the national grid, according to our actual transformer product situation, we propose to design a digital current transformer that adapts to the actual situation The idea is to connect the concept of ubiquitous power Internet of Things, breaking the traditional current transformer must lead to the secondary device through the lead, and then through the secondary device for conversion and output, it also solves the problem that the traditional transformer must pass a long time The lead wire is led out, which brings inconvenience to field installation, and the longer lead wire also brings more economic cost pressure. The digital output of the current transformer can solve these problems, and the digital output has a variety of The output of the method can be made into an earlier serial digital output (such as RS232 or RS485), or it can be made into a more mature wireless digital transmission (such as LoRa, NB_IoT, Zigbee, etc.).

We can It can carry out simple electric current transmission, but also complex power and electric energy transmission, etc., which solves the last mile of electric current transmission; at the same time, it greatly improves the convenience of installation and the safety of personnel.

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