Several basic concepts about accuracy and linearity

May 21 , 2020

Before talking about accuracy and linearity, let us talk about the concepts of several errors:

1. Absolute error: the difference between the measured value and the ideal value;

2. Relative error: the ratio of the absolute error of the measured point to the ideal value of the measured point;
3. Reference error: the ratio of the absolute error of the measured point to the reference value (range);
4. Basic error: Under standard conditions, the reference error within the range of the reference value (range);

5. Linear error: the deviation between the measured curve and the ideal straight line;

Accuracy: The change limit is determined by the sensor's basic error limit and the influence amount (such as temperature change, humidity change, power supply fluctuation, frequency change, etc.).

Linearity: Linearity Concept: A measure of whether the output and input systems of a test system can maintain a normal value proportional relationship (linear relationship) like an ideal system.

Linear range: the measurable range of the sensor in linear operation.

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